Smaller businesses and start-ups can sometimes look a little less than professional when those first few jobs come in, but hey! We all have to start somewhere right?

Looking Good!

So, Here is your instant 'professional' ID badge to ensure you look every bit as trustworthy and capable as your competition who may have been in business for years.

Just provide us with your name, your picture and you company name (plus logo if you'd like) and we'll rush you your individually printed PVC plastic badge, all punched and ready to wear with a free pocket/belt clip.

Just complete your order then send the details and picture for your order using one of the following methods.

You can send pictures by clicking "add photograph" under "message seller", send your details via email to orders@idplastics.co.uk or by text to our workshop phone 07491 587058 (normal rate). Please be sure to include your eBay name so we can match your details up with the correct order.

Please note that the telephone number is only for txts, it's not a real phone so we cannot answer or reply with it! Sorry!

We dispatch most card orders within 24 hours.

Place your order here then send your instructions to us using our contact us page or by emailing orders@idplastics.co.uk


We love Plastic! and everything about working with it... From PVC cards (Just like your bank uses) We print digitally, thermally or with to ultra high resolution inks including UV inks. To be honest, we just cant get enough of the stuff!