A really VERY VERY high quality student card complete with holokote security overlay!

Now you can study rocket science at Oxbridge with this extraordinarily realistic student card from the university of your choice!

Such a high quality card! Better than the cards produced by many universitys and complete with the same Holokote security overlays that many establishments use to issue their own cards!

BUT.. because of the type of card this is, we have to give you special instructions on how to order and pay! Don't worry, its quick and easy, we're just not allowed to put a "Buy it Now" button on the page! SO, just follow the directions in our "how to order" email (below) and you'll be done in a flash!

Once you complete your order, just reply to our email with the following details.

These details can be real or made up! :)

University / College / School Name
Any special study (Bioengineering etc.)
Your Name for the Card
Date of Birth to be shown
And of course, Your Photo!

Plus, we need a REAL name and address to dispatch your card to..

You can also email these details to orders@idplastics.co.uk or send them by text to our workshop phone on 07491 587058 (its a normal rate not premium).

Please note that the telephone number is only for texts, it's not a real phone so we cannot answer or reply with it! Sorry!

We aim to ship your card within 24 hours.

These are Highly Realistic, but you should probably NOT try to sit in a lecture with it.. You have been warned! :)


Enter your email address for ordering details.

And NO, we will NOT spam your email!
We are simply sending you how-to-order details.


We love Plastic! and everything about working with it... From PVC cards (Just like your bank uses) We print digitally, thermally or with to ultra high resolution inks including UV inks. To be honest, we just cant get enough of the stuff!