We love Plastic! and everything about working with it... From PVC cards (Just like your bank uses) We print digitally, thermally or with to ultra high resolution inks including UV inks. To be honest, we just cant get enough of the stuff!

If you need a plastic card, printied digitally, thermally or with ultra high resolution inks, plain, contactless, chipped, striped or encoded, then thats what we do! We can design, print, encode and dispatch quickly, ecconomically and at quantities from 1 to 5000

Business Cards and Badges

Small start-ups can sometimes look a little less than professional when those first few jobs come in, but hey! We all have to start somewhere right? So, Here is your very own 'professional' ID badge

Difficult to Replace Cards

National Insurance Number Card. HD Printed On High Quality PVC Plastic Card. Fed up hunting high and low for your NI number when you need it? So were we! So we made this highly realistic handy reminder!

Large Range of Novelty Items

A completely FAKE STUDENT ID CARD for all you chancers. Genuine fake, high resolution, quality plastic card (not cheap laminated cardboard.) better than many real uni's issue legitimately!

Studio Props & Reproductions

Photorealistic items for close studio and theatre use. These items are only available to filmakers and professional studios. A studio declaration must be completed before production.