We love Plastic! and everything about working with it... From PVC cards (Just like your bank uses) to Acrylic Fridge Magnets, we just cant get enough of the stuff! If you have an idea for a personalised / printed product, then let us know - we might even make one for you!

Some of our most popular items, check out our store for more.


A range of high resolution, close-up capable replicas. For Film, TV and Studio work, or just for Fun, theses realistic quality cards are hard to beat for quality, value and speed of delivery!

Business Badges

Small start-ups can sometimes look a little less than professional when those first few jobs come in, but hey! We all have to start somewhere right? So, Here is your very own 'professional' ID badge

Novelty Cards

These cards are personalised with your name and photo, so just place your order then click "contact seller" to send us the name and photo for your card. (We can't print it till you send it!)

Studio Props

If you can think it, we can print it! Perfect props, high resolution, bank quality PVC plastic card - Completely Legal to own and carry these fantasy items can amaze and astound your friends and family!